Compatibility of the implants to your body is the golden rule for achieving the desired result when reconstruction to your skeletal system or aesthetic implant is required. Standard implants are manufactured according to the average measurements of a person and does not address the personality of the person.

When you request an implant most appropriate to herself/himself as both an implant to be planted in the body affects the surgery result and also that implant will remain in the body of the patient for a life time. With the personalized health solutions Btech Innovation presents you exactly the specific implants you require.

Each person’s anatomic structure is different from each other and is not compatible with standard implants the same way. Recovery process for you is directly related to the implant’s compatibility. Compatibility of the implant surface and bone surface enables rapid symphysis, and gaps and incompatibility occurring in standard implants prepares a ground for infections and lead to unfavorable results in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, personalized implants improve the recovery process and absolutely the best life quality by benefits that they provide in surfaces and applications in addition to the compatibility by state of the art technology.

Btech Innovation works just like a tailor and designs your implant according to your entire anatomy. Btech applies to special surfaces, materials and technologies to make your recovery process faster. It delivers all applications and tools to your surgeon for you to have a successful surgery from the simplest surgeries to the most complicated surgeries.



In Btech Innovation, we believe that each implant should be unique and no implant alike, just like the patients themselves; therefore we design the prosthesis product specifically to each patient. The design process begins with the patient’s Computerized Tomography images by working continuous with the surgeon one on one and the patient’s implant that is manufactured with material that is most compatible to the patient and then it is delivered to the surgeon.



Personalized implants are extremely compatible to your body and therefore there is no need for making deformations in your body for applying the standard implants and your surgeon places the implant directly in the place where it needs to be applied, fixes it and completes the surgery. Shorter surgery time removes many surgical risks and diminishes infection threats.

Especially in applications in the proximity of nerves, veins and muscles, both a perfect compatibility is achieved by computerized estimation and planning methods and also planning prepared in a computerized setting is achieved without errors thanks to special tools.


Shortening of surgery time decreases the time spent under anesthesia and this in turn means a rapid recovery process. Remember that each hour spent under anesthesia equals to a day to recover yourself, in other words, a 3-hour shortening in the surgery time will enable you to go to your home and your loved ones 3 days earlier, and also it will decrease the time the same way in intensive care unit.

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Personalized implants are prepared based on tens of measurements and estimations made on the person’s anatomy and they have perfect symmetry and the dimensions needed for defects. In other words, it is like your surgeon takes the missing part of a body as an implant. Moreover, special surfaces, details and screwing methods present to the patient advantages that implants do not have implants.



Many patients complain about esthetic results of standard implants and have an operation again for correcting their esthetic situation. On the other hand, when sound results are desired esthetically, unfavorable functions can occur. Furthermore, implants with compatibility problem lose their function faster. In personalized implants, on the other hand, neither esthetic nor functionality is compromised.



All preparations are completed by engineers experienced in their field and your surgeon and 3-dimensional anatomic models and surgical guidelines are delivered to your surgeon prior to surgery. No imaging method can give results better than 3-dimensional examination of your anatomy by a surgeon. Thus, any type of risk is determined before surgery and a risk-free and safe surgery setting is established for patients.

Her hasta için ameliyat stres yaratan ve insanı huzursuz eden bir olaydır. Özellikle riskli ve uzun ameliyatlarda bu durum daha kaygı verici hale gelir. Ancak tüm ameliyatın cerrahlar ve mühendisler tarafından planlandığını ve ihtiyacı olan her yapının kendisine özel olarak hazırlandığı bilen bir hasta için kaygılar çok daha azalır. Üstelik riskli ameliyatların riskinin bu yöntemle çok daha azaldığını bilen hastalar kendilerini güvenli hissedecek ve ameliyat öncesi çok daha az stres yaşayacaktır.



Personalized applications prepared by BTech Innovation will make you feel safer and more unique.

Btech Innovation İle Her Türlü İmplant Mümkündür

Surgery is a stressful event for every patient and this situation becomes more ominous in risky and especially in long surgeries. However, there is much less worries for a patient, who knows that all surgeries are planned by surgeons and engineers and every structure that they need is prepared specifically. Moreover, patients, who know that risks of risky surgeries decrease by this method. Patients will feel safer and they will experience less stress prior to the surgery.