Protheses needed in reconstructive and esthetic surgery or orthopedics may not always be present or the existing protheses may not be appropriate for your patients. BTech Innovation creates all implants as personalized and over again. This engineering process, which starts with the processing of data obtained by CT or CBCT of the patients, continuous with designs based on the suggestion and wish of the surgeons. Following the completion of designs, implants whose analyses and tests are performed go to the manufacturing stage and material selection is made based on the compatibility of the case and they are manufactured impeccably by three-dimensional manufacturing equipment. Owing to personalized solutions, rapid and easy surgery and impeccable esthetic results are achieved and fast recovery process is presented to the patients.

Cranial, maxillofacial, dental, orthopedic and spinal implants are tailor-made by BTech Innovation and prepared according to the anatomy of the patients completely. Even the most complex implants are designed painstakingly and maximum comfort and esthetic is provided to the patients.

You can have the opportunity to examine your patient’s anatomy and pathology as 3D thanks to implants special for the patient and jigsaw medical models, and you can make your surgical planning and preparatory work based on these models.

Personalized implants are multidisciplinary studies requiring infrastructures in anatomy, radiology and pathology in addition to engineering knowledge. Btech Innovation team, in addition to extensive design, manufacturing and consultancy experience, is besides you always with their successful studies nationwide and globally which are the first in their field and with boutique understanding.

Advantages of Personalized Implants

Personalized implants are needed frequently in areas having crucial significance and requiring esthetic results. However, standard implants may not be appropriate in surgeries made for treating bone damages that developed at birth or due to idiopathic reasons or required implants may not exist. Therefore, personalized implants are applied generally in head, face and chin areas. Btech Innovation prepares and presents you the protheses you need by high technology design and manufacturing methods, and enables you to feel the difference of fast and safe surgery.

Personalized implants can be used in CMF, orthopedics, plastic surgery and neurosurgery intensively, and usage area within body is limited with imagination. This technology can be applied conveniently in any area having hard tissue. Personalized implants are the best solution not only when there are not any other implants but due to improving patient comfort and surgery success by shortening surgery time and diminishing risks.

Biocompatible and biodegradable materials with different technical characteristics have been developed for anatomic structures in different areas of the body. Personalized implants can be manufactured with biomaterials, bioceramics, durable titanium, various titanium mesh structures and biocompatible composite material varieties that could be lost completely within the body and they are manufactured with materials that are decided by surgeons and engineers according to the usage area. For detailed information please see the materials section.

Personalized implants are compatible as key-lock relation with the body. Owing to the perfect compatibility of the designed implants, you can place the implant in the relevant area within only minutes. You will not face any surprises during surgery and you will not deal with giving shape to the bone and implant. You open up the surgery area, screw the implant at preplanned screw points and close the surgery area. Thus, you save time and minimize infection risks.


There is no Room for Surprises

All estimations and plans in this technology are made in computer setting by engineering methods. Owing to cephalometrical analyses and measurements made on 3-dimensional images, all steps of the surgery are planned in one tenth of milimeter and therefore there is no room for errors and surprises.


Since all designs are made based on patient data accompanied with measurements and analyses, the most perfect results esthetically are obtained. It is crucial that these implants, which are made for face, chin and skull, should be according to the patient’s anatomy and symmetric and close to the original the most.

Patient Comfort

Owing to fast and successful surgery, patients recover more quickly and they are released from the hospital sooner and their life quality improves.

Minimum Infection Risk

Surgery periods are much shorter in comparison to conventional methods and surgery is safer owing to many advantages of personalized implants. Moreover, infection risk is minimum because there is no gap remaining between the implant and surfaces, and the areas that could cause infection are reduced to minimum. You can reach us for information on special surfaces and biomaterials.

Lower Total Treatment Cost

In comparison to standard implants, personalized applications minimize surgery time, release time from hospital and revision surgeries, and in addition to their lower extra costs, total treatment cost is lower.

Advantages for Hospitals and Clinics

Owing to personalized implants and surgical solutions of Btech Innovation, surgery periods for surgeonts decrease, and physicians and surgeons can allow more time for their patients and scientific activities.

Hence, time problem which is one of the most crucial elements for clinics is solved.

Low Treatment Cost

Owing to personalized implants and solutions, surgery time can decrease to 70%. Therefore, there is opportunity to reach more patients in the same time period.


Decreased Hospitalization Time

The less time the patients spend under anesthesia, the faster the recovery period is. The faster the patients recover, the sooner they go home and thus hospitalization time decreases.


Higher Patient Potential

Thanks to information access convenience today, patients can reach any type of information in the internet about the simplest and the most complex disorders. Patients, who want more comfortable recovery process and minimum risk in personal applications, would prefer hospitals and clinics that apply state of the art technology in this area.

Owing to the services provided by Btech Innoavation, surgeons and physicians can see the entire anatomical structure of patients as three-dimensional and even they can take them in their hands, examine and study. Anatomy and pathology of the patients can be examined in detail and the entirety of the surgical process can be planned in computerized setting impeccably.

Three-dimensional jigsaw anatomic models prepared by Btech Innovation engineers present you an experience you cannot achieve by any method. You will not miss any details owing to the anatomic model in your hands.

Implants that you want with these medical models are designed with impeccable compatibility.

For the planned surgery to be error free, you can use the surgical guides that are presented you hence you will not leave any step to chance.

Owing to this remarkable technology prepared and combined by Btech Innovation, anatomic models can be examined and personalized implants can be used. Thanks to surgical guides, the surgical plan made by estimations and measurements in computer setting can be carried without any errors, therefore you present the best surgical results possible