One of the areas needing personalized implants the most is craniomaxillofacial (CMF) area. Ready implant solutions do not exist because of their complex geometry and unmatched curvature structure however, in the conventional method some composite materials are shaped by hand or, ready materials are used and solutions are attempted to be found for such needs.

Btech Innovation prepares CMF implant solutions as designed to be the most compatible to the likeness anatomy of the patients in the place of the part taken and to the functionally in bone defects in skull, front face or orbital areas that are removed due to trauma or tumor resection. In addition to these implants prepared in virtual setting, Bguides are provided to perform osteotomy. Moreover, it is possible that mandibular reconstruction surgeries performed by the conventional methods are planned on a computer, and it is possible to obtain impeccable results symmetrically, esthetically and functionally by means of Bguides.

Owing to special surface structure and used biomaterials, Btech Innovation CMF implant solutions provide very strong structure mechanically, and ideal conditions for Osseo integration.