Personalized implants are body prostheses that are needed to replace hard tissue in people who have been involved in situations including traffic accidents, cancer, and firearm injuries. Personalized implants cannot be made by standard methods and are specifically designed and manufactured for each patient.


These implants, which are compatible with each patient’s anatomy and are specially designed based on the individual needs of each patient. They are manufactured with biocompatible, tissue friendly and approved materials by state of the art 3-dimensional manufacturing methods and delivered to surgeons along withthe auxiliary tools.

Personalized implant applications is a multidisciplinary study requiring infrastructures such as radiology, anatomy, and pathology, and made by novel design methods combining advanced engineering and reverse engineering and produced by 3D manufacturing technologies.

The entire study is an exceeding complicated processes requiring coordination with surgeons, and others who have experience and skill in this field.

Personalized services and products could emerge only as a result of very meticulous studies and sound research. Any type of process to be performed in this matter is crucial because it affects systems in the body such as veins, blood, and nerves.

Any Type of Implants are Possible with Btech Innovation

In the past, many surgeries were not able to be performed because of the lack of the required implants. Especially, surgeries requiring reconstruction were not able to be performed due to surgical risks, and this situation caused occurrence of undesired results such as tumor progress.

BTech Innovation can design any type of implant that is needed in hard tissue by developed technology and knowledge and present them to surgeons. Therefore, solutions can be created even for the most impossible surgeries, and patient life elongates and their life quality improves by esthetic results.

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Orthopedic Implants