Hip implants

Personalized hip implants presented by Btech Innovation provides you unmatched restoration in terms of anatomy, stability and mobility in acetabular revison and reconstruction surgeries.

Joints may loose their shape, volume and function because of complex fractures, multiple revision surgeries, tumor resection and bone disorders, and the patients can feel pain because of the lack of the needed implant and support application and they may loose their walking function.

In such cases, Btech Innovation not only makes the needed implant but also designs acetabular fossa according to the most proper position for the patient to perform walking function, and it does bone quality and thickness analyses and designs screw applications at the most durable and proper place. It offers Bguides to the surgeons for the application of the implant easily and enables performance of the planned surgery impeccably.

Bone and joint reconstruction

Joints can’t do their function due to fractures and damages occurred in bones and joints, and weakening and functional problems occur in bones. Btech Innovation designs the structure components which are needed by the patients according to the planning of the surgeon, and the implants which are a hundred percent compatible with the bone and joint structure enable the patients to recover easily and turn to their healthy state.