For Orthopedists


Btech Innovation is a technology company presenting personalized solutions in the health field. As it provides personalized solutions in orthopedic bone and joint reconstruction, complex fractures, osteotomy, and bone tumors, it guarantees solutions to carry out acts and functions most appropriate to anatomy and pathology of the patients. It uses advantages of advanced technology for the patients to regain their health by means of implants, which have high osseointegration and shortened surgery time, to enable fast recovery of the patients and provide opportunity to send patients home sooner. It develops new technologies and scientific methods with an experienced and competent team and works with the most competent surgeons and it has left its doors open to all doctors and surgeons in academic and clinic studies in this field.

Surgical Planning and BGuide System

Owing to advantages provided by 3-dimensional systems and printers, surgeries have become easier and safer. In this technology, instead of plans made based on two-dimensional images by surgeons, plans made by measures and analyses obtained by 3-dimensional images are used. Osteotomy is planned by verifications made from many cross sections and surgical plan is carried out by means of BGuides.

How does the System Work?

Processing of Patient Images

You send your patients’ radiography images along with the request and confidentiality forms included in the forms section by Cargo or in virtual environment to BTech Innovation. Following preliminary studies, price offer is sent to you. Arriving files are turned into three-dimensional forms in BTech Design offices and you are provided with information about the plan preparation. No payment is requested from you quotation and preliminary study.

Surgery Planning

After the patient’s anatomy is turned into a three-dimensional form in computerized setting, surgeons and engineers meet by online communication systems. Surgeons examine the anatomical structure that presented to them from every aspect and plan the surgery. Engineering analyses are made for the best result and surgeons decide about the final status of planning.

BGuide Design

After the surgical planning is completed, engineers start BGuide design. A guide is designed by engineers for the cut that is to be made and this guide contains channels and holes through which drills pass for screw application. Engineers contact the surgeon and send BGuide to the surgeon online, relay how it is to be used and it is transferred to the relevant department for Cargo.

Shipping by Cargo and Surgery

BGuides that are sent to the surgeon and sterilization guides are made of sterilizable material. Based on the desire of the surgeons, plastic anatomic models are also sent along with the guide systems. Thus, the surgeons can test the surgical guide with the models that they have prior to the surgery.



Virtual Surgery Planning and Shoulder Anthroplasty

Some of the personalized solutions presented in the orthopedic field are given below.


Hip implants

Personalized hip implants presented by Btech Innovation provides you unmatched restoration in terms of anatomy, stability and mobility in acetabular revison and reconstruction surgeries.

Joints may loose their shape, volume and function because of complex fractures, multiple revision surgeries, tumor resection and bone disorders, and the patients can feel pain because of the lack of the needed implant and support application and they may loose their walking function.

In such cases, Btech Innovation not only makes the needed implant but also designs acetabular fossa according to the most proper position for the patient to perform walking function, and it does bone quality and thickness analyses and designs screw applications at the most durable and proper place. It offers Bguides to the surgeons for the application of the implant easily and enables performance of the planned surgery impeccably.

Bone and joint reconstruction

Joints can’t do their function due to fractures and damages occurred in bones and joints, and weakening and functional problems occur in bones. Btech Innovation designs the structure components which are needed by the patients according to the planning of the surgeon, and the implants which are a hundred percent compatible with the bone and joint structure enable the patients to recover easily and turn to their healthy state.


Tumor reconstruction

Tumors are modelled in computerized setting in tumor reconstruction and a safe area is determined. Surgical cut is planned along with the surgeon and Bguide, which is designed specifically for the patient, is given to the surgeon for the cut to be made as planned. In addition to these, titanium reconstruction components are designed when needed and after the surgeons perform the surgery as planned in computer impeccably, they place and fix the implants conveniently.

Bone Osteotomy

Since surgeons examine the images as two-dimensional, they cannot see the entire picture until they do the first cut. However, you can see the entire anatomy of the patients by means of the new technology offered by BTech Innovation and can do analyses and measurements, and you can plan the entire surgery in computer and can examine your patient’s anatomy in the three-dimensional model that you have. Moreover, thanks to BGuide which contains cut gaps and drill holes, you can apply the surgery as you planned in computer impeccably.

Spinal Cage

Btech Innovation offers an unmatched solution to scoliosis patients and plans risky scoliosis surgery in completely computer setting by working on patient anatomy and performs your surgery together with the surgeon in computer setting prior to the surgery. Since the situations to be faced in the surgery are determined beforehand, the surgeon can take precautions necessary for the surgery and gets ready for the surgery, and performs the surgery, which is planned by personalized Bguides, impeccably. Moreover, personalized Spinal Cage is prepared for more successful fusion and delivered to the surgeon by applying special surface processes. Thus, your surgery is performed by tools specifically prepared for you only and it makes you feel the benefits of personalized applications.