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Patient Specific Implants

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BTech Innovation is the leading corporation in medical 3D printing, patient specific applications and industial 3D Printers in addition to the solutions it presents in this field, it works to develop new technologies with R&D activities that are conducted with national and international partners, universities and academicians. BTech produces new technologies in matters such as patient specific implants, medical equipment, surface technologies, and RFID, and it keeps its doors open to innovative solution suggestions and projects with high added value.

Patient Specific Implants

Patient Specific Implants implants are body prostheses needed for hard tissue in situations including traffic accidents, cancer, and firearm injuries and specifically designed and manufactured for each patient and that are not possible to be made by standard methods.

3D Printing Service

BTech Technology offers 3D Printing service rapid and accessible to industry, aerospace and health professionals with its specialist experience in printing, at the cutting-edge of fast prototyping, 3D printing and CAD technologies.

Technology Solutions

BTech Technology provides most accurate, precise and advanced 3D Software / Hardware solutions including 3D Printers, Scanners, CAD Softwares and SLS devices. BTech use its experience and knowledge to deliver the best technology for its costumers.