Btech Innovation has started its activities in this field, which is the technology of the future by the most qualified and experienced engineers of Turkey and carried out by special works globally on the matter of personalized applications, which are novel in the world.

Btech Innovation, which is the first personalized application center in Turkey, takes its experiences in 3D production technology to the health field, and Btech Group’s continuous activities in the health field. Btech Innovation engineers join their experiences in surgery, case and engineering, and present service in world standards, and adapt a solution-focused understanding. In addition, they have consulted in the largest rapid prototyping park and medical design center and have taken part in many studies that were the first in Turkey.

Btech Innovation works with the leading universities, hospitals and surgeons in Turkey and collaborates with the national and international partners in order to develop new Technologies in this field and to widespread personalized implants in Turkey.

Btech Group aims to be a leader in Turkey and the world with the projects that they developed and R&D activities, and in addition to personalized solutions, biomaterials, surface technologies and medical equipment design services, they operate in engineering consultancy, defense and space industry, and software and intelligent architecture fields as well.

Btech Group invites everyone to work together in the projects with high added value on the matters of business partnerships and academic studies.


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